Keywords = Comparative Study
Number of Articles: 4
2. A Comparative Study in Higher Education Goals of Certain Countries

Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2019, Pages 346-361

Gholamreza Zaker Salahi; Ahmad Keykha

3. Comparative Analysis of Math Curriculum in 4th Grade of Primary Education in Iran with the Pioneer Countries of TIMSS

Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring 2019, Pages 207-229

Maryam Kian; Reyhaneh - Danaei Zarchi; Ahmad Zandvanian Naeini

4. Mobile phone-dependance among university students from Isfahan (Iran) and Malaga (Spain)

Volume 1, Issue 2, Summer 2018, Pages 78-93

Javier Barquín Ruiz; Azam Naghavi