Aims and Scope

The Iranian Journal of Comparative Education (IJCE) publishes original research about educational theory, policy and practice. We publish research about all stages and forms of education. As a comparative education journal, we are especially interested in work that is either explicitly or implicitly comparative. Explicitly comparative research includes cross-national studies or studies that compare educational phenomena in a range of countries. Implicitly comparative research typically means single nation case studies that contribute to a larger comparative framework about the topic. Such studies must show how the particular case is theoretically relevant for readers outside the given country. Therefore:


• IJCE seeks articles that will have a wide relevance to the comparative and international education community.

• The articles in IJCE report original research. The research may use primary data, or may involve secondary analyses from available data sets, policy documents or reports. We occasionally publish literature reviews if the topic is considered by the editorial team as particularly relevant.