نمایه شدن فصلنامه ایرانی آموزش و پرورش تطبیقی در پایگاه استنادی علوم جهان اسلام (ISC)

 مقالات  فصلنامه  ایرانی آموزش و پرورش تطبیقی ( Iranian  Journal of Comparative Education) از  شماره اول سال 2018  در پایگاه استنادی علوم  جهان اسلام (ISC) نمایه شد.

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Second International Conference on Comparative Education

The “First International Conference on Comparative Education” which was held on November 2017 and hosted by the University of Lorestan with the presence of 250 practitioners and 20 scholars from different countries of the world represents the position and importance of comparative studies in two important areas of education and psychology, as well as the increasing attention of researchers to the knowledge of the developments of educational system in Iran and other societies.The ...

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