Second International Conference on Comparative Education

The “First International Conference on Comparative Education” which was held on November 2017 and hosted by the University of Lorestan with the presence of 250 practitioners and 20 scholars from different countries of the world represents the position and importance of comparative studies in two important areas of education and psychology, as well as the increasing attention of researchers to the knowledge of the developments of educational system in Iran and other societies.The conference met the warm reception of Iranian and foreign scholars and the demand for an annual conference (rather than a biennale). Due to various reasons, the fulfillment of this purpose was not possible in the present year, but it is hoped that annual conferences can be held in near future. We are pleased to announce that the Comparative Education Society of Iran ( CESIR) will hold "The 2nd International Conference on Comparative Education" focusing on the  "Contemporary Studies in Comparative Education: Innovations and Challenges " under the chairmanship of Prof. Abbas Zaraat and the scientific secretary, Associate Prof. Ali Yazdkhashti. The conference will be hosted by Kashan University and the cooperation of universities, research organizations and research institutes on 20, 21st and 22nd of November 2019. The registration will take place exclusively on the first day of the conference and the presentations and workshops will be held during the two following days. The Board of Directors of the CESIR are looking forward to meeting the active participation of dear researchers in the historical and beautiful city of Kashan and "Kashan University", which is among the 9 top universities of the country.

Abbas Madandar Arani

President of CESIR & Secretary of International Conference on Comparative Education